The 1730 Full Metal Hotend Store (legal entity: Achatz Industries) grants a standard warranty on all products. Any notification of a warranty claim must be made to the dealer ("the Dealer") from whom the product was purchased originally, even if this is not in the claimant’s present country of residence. The warranty is issued by the Dealer from whom its name and address are stated on the original invoice.

Achatz Industries grants a standard period of 2-year full warranty on all parts. This warranty does not apply to the Filament Nozzle Unit, which is considered as a consumable. The warranty period starts from the date shown on the customer’s purchase invoice. For a warranty claim to be valid (i) notification must be made before the end of the warranty period; (ii) conform to any additional stipulations of the warranty period, as defined below; (iii) must be substantiated with original proof of purchase and the original/official packaging.


  • Any warranty claim must first be recognized as justified.

  • Since customers will only be entitled to make a warranty claim on submission of the original invoice, we advise that both the invoice and official packaging are kept in a safe place. Only the original purchaser is entitled to claim warranty.

  • The warranty does not cover any defects or damage caused by inappropriate use, incorrect or improper use, or normal wear and tear.

  • In the event of material or manufacturing defects, the Dealer is obliged to rectify the defects free of charge according to Achatz Industries' warranty conditions. If the defect cannot be repaired, the Dealer will, within the warranty period, replace the product free of charge by an identical product, or, if the product is no longer manufactured, by a similar replacement of the same value or offer an appropriate refund. Whether a justified claim will be settled by replacement, by repair or by compensation remains at the Dealer’s discretion.

Other Warranty Conditions

  • If a part is repaired or replaced during the warranty period, the (extended) warranty period still remaining for the entire product will apply to this part.

  • The warranty does not apply to the Filament Nozzle Unit, Threaded Bowden Coupler and set screw.